David Kessler

Kessler & Associates was started over 13 years ago. David Kessler originally started out helping individual business owners with health insurance in West Michigan. Through the last 13 years Kessler & Associates have been expanding their product lines and services. Our clients range from the single person day care provider to commercial construction companies; hair stylist, and some of the largest medical offices in West Michigan.

Currently he works with clients in Michigan, California, Alabama, and North Carolina.

Kessler & Associates have been recognized as a leader in pro-active solutions and cost savings programs to help businesses keep profits up and employee retention strong. We design plans that offer you the solutions that meets your specific needs at fraction of the cost you currently pay.

Kessler & Associates haveĀ developed a very strong network of referrals throughout the years to help our clients in need. If you want an unbiased approach to your benefit needs, we would enjoy learning how we can help you become more successful.

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